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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bigboy, May 18, 2013.

  1. Attempting my first turkey today which is a 13 pounder. I've read around and THOUGHT it would take like 30 minutes per pound at like 275-300. Long story short, it seems like after 3.5 hours my turkey is done and at 165 on the breast. Is this normal? Did I miscalculate?
  2. I mean its done at 2.5 hours!
  3. Double check the temp, make sure you aren't touching bone (breast and thigh). They can get done that quick, but check all parts of it.

    Good luck....JB
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    Hi Bigboy.

    You got good advice from Ring Tail.  As stated, they can get done faster than planned, but err on the side of caution and make sure.  Probe your bird in the deepest parts of both breasts and both thighs, being careful to keep the probe away from bones, which will cause false readings. 

    Also, are you confident in the accuracy of your thermometer?  I double check mine for accuracy using the water boil/ice water test. 

    Good luck!  Be sure to show and tell us how it turns out.

  5. It was actually 3.5 hours and the bird was closer to 12 pounds then 13. I used this probe just last week on some butts and they came out fine. I must have check 5-6 different places on both breasts and all read the same. I pulled the bird after the probe read 170 in the breast and its currently in the cooler triple wrapped in foil with some towels.

    I just got the WSM, and my first thought was that the temp on the dome may have been off since I had the turkey on the top rack. The turkey had to be close to the thermometer. MAYBE, I THOUGHT it was 300 but may have been 350?? I don't know, I'm just hoping it looks OK when I cut it in 30 minutes.

    If it is NOT done, what are my alternatives? Pizza? Or can I put it in the oven to finish?
  6. Whatever I did worked! YEEEESSSSSS!!! The turkey was the best I've ever had and everyone loved it!

    How do you post pics to the site? I might as well make this a q-view!
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    Bigboy , don't take the chance of getting sick . Best advice is to get a Thermometer you can trust and keep it calibrated . Boil water , set the therm. in and make a note as to the reading of you therm. and use that adjustment to the temp. (if any ).

    OR: bite the bullet and get :


     or this, pricey , but darn accurate

    Have fun and as always ...
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    Tutorial on posting photos in your posts:


    Glad to hear it turned out OK.  Good advice from Stan...better safe than sorry...


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