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  1. Hey Guru's, so I have a horizontal smoker with side fire box. My question is I an doing a turkey in the whole, and was wondering your thoughts on facing the cavity or neck toward the heat source end, I do use a heat deflector between the fire box and main chamber, but just am interested in some opinions and thoughts. Also the old breast up or down. Thanks All
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    I have OK Joe's barrel smoker.

    Turkey currently on the smoker with cavity facing the heat.

    I put it mid way in the barrel, breast up.

    Cavity started to get a little brown so I put a pan of water in front  of the heat dampen it a little.

    Been cooking at 340-350.

    Will post a pic in a few hours
  3. I have always put the dark meat towards the heat since it cooks a bit slower. May not actually matter, but seemed logical to me. Also, breast up, if for no other reason than it needs to look pretty. lol 

  5. 340-350 ? Most posts I read say 240-250. What's the benefits of cooking higher temps. I assume moister and crispier skin. How much faster would it take.
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    You are cooking the bird in the smoker for flavor, not to try and brake down connective tissue, so the low and slow method doesn't really need to apply.  I find it better to try and mimic the temps and times of an oven.  That way you get the best skin, smoke flavor and time.  

    IF you can get the smoker up to 350, then go for it.
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    All of that sounds good to me. If positioning is an issue, i guess i'd point the cavity toward the FB. i've never really thought about it. My heat is all over the CC.
  8. I
    Herb butter Brined Turkey, all is going great here. I have a water pan beside the heat and a drip pan with veggies under the Bradley rack with the turkey with cavity facing the heat running about 280 to 315 deg smoker with apple and oak wood chunks and sticks.
  9. So I did cavity toward the heat and the breast is at 116. And the thigh is at 112. If I get closer to 160 in breast and the thigh isn't there yet any thought on slowing down the breast end.
    Tent just the breast maybe?
  10. Beautiful color on that bird! If it gets to the color you want before done, you can always put it in a pan and foil it till done. Just took mine off. Gonna be some good turkey on they tables today!
  11. All done it turned out really good. Happy thanksgiving


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