Turkey/Pork sausage cheeseburger fattie..qview.

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  1. We love mushroom and swiss burgers so we figured why not try to do a fattie. This was our 2nd fattie try.

    We mixed a pound of pork sausage and ground turkey...but failed to season it, 1st mistake. Thought the sausage would add enough flavoring, wrong.

    Added swiss cheese, mushrooms, bbq sauce and onions. Rolled it up and had a tough time of it as the turkey made it "loose an squishy". But got it eventually.

    2 hours later at 165, took it off, rested it, cut..put on cwb.. and was disappointed. I think lack of seasoning the meats and not enough cheese were the big problems.

    This was our 1st weave too, and the bacon just overpowered it all.

    Rolled out:

    BBQ and swiss added:

    Shrooms, onions and 1 more slice of swiss, they were thin cut.

    Off the smoker, might start putting under broiler to crisp up the bacon a bit:

    1st cut off the end and a mid cut and on a cwb:

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  2. Looks good. next one will be off the charts. A lot of people kick the heat up at the end. To chrisp up the bacon.

    Happy smoken.


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