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  1. So, I'm planning on taking a turkey breast and turning it into lunchmeat. My plan is to brine it for a day and then slap some salt and lemon pepper on it and let it smoke slow til it hits 160. Let it rest and cool and then slice it thin and package it. Anyone see any problems with that method? I'm hoping it'll stay pretty fresh but I'm avoiding adding any curing agent because my pregnant sister will be partaking and she was told to avoid nitrates.
  2. That sounds like it should be good. Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Hello Magnum.  I know this is unnecessary but for any new folk who might read I will just say remember the 140-4 rule.  BUT you knew that already.  Sounds like a good plan to me.  Do you ship internationally?  Could use some good sammie meat next week. [​IMG]   Good luck my friend.  Keep Smokin!

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    Magnum, if you have a Vac Sealer, portion and seal . Guaranteed .[​IMG]  And freezer ready.
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    Low and slow could be a problem.... In a smoker, there is a lack of oxygen and botulism could grow.... cure #1 prevents botulism...  cure #1 has nitrite in it.... no nitrates....  

    When you smoke the breast, get the temp to 140 within 4 hours including the time it was removed from the fridge and started warming up...  It is recommended, smoking non cured meats at a temp of 225 to meet this temperature guideline....  

    Below is an article about nitrates/nitrites....  looking at the list of foods where one would get nitrates/nitrites......   vegetables have a much higher level than meats, (bacon)....  Bacon and hot dogs appear to be a safer choice than most vegetables....


    Nitrates in foods.....


    TABLE 5
    Mean nitrate and nitrite contents of a convenience sample of fruit, vegetables, meats, and processed meats1
     mg/100 gmg/100 g
     Apple sauce0.30.008
     Fruit mix0.90.08
     Cole slaw55.90.07
     French fries2.00.17
     Mustard greens116.00.003
     Salad mix82.10.13
     Vegetable soup20.90.001
     Desiccated vegetable dietary supplement227,89010.5
    Meats/processed meats  
     Bacon, nitrite-free3.00.68
     Hot dog9.00.05
     Pork tenderloin3.30

    • 1  Nitrate and nitrite concentrations were quantified by ion chromatography (ENO 20 Analyzer; Eicom, Kyoto, Japan). Analysis of foods reflects the mean value from triplicate or quadruplicate analyses.

    • 2  Nature's Way Garden Veggies (1 capsule; 900 mg desiccated vegetables; Nature's Way Products Inc, Springville, UT).

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