Turkey Day

Discussion in 'BBQ Women' started by zoe tipsword, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. zoe tipsword

    zoe tipsword Fire Starter Group Lead

    So I thought I would get a topic rolling for this month and well... the biggest thing that comes to mind is Thanksgiving. So I wanted to know what are your plans for the guest of honor and how shall we cook him and what will be joining him on the table?
  2. smokin sid

    smokin sid Smoke Blower

    Greetings Everyone!

      It's the first day of December and I just got a chance to sit down at the lap-top.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, just as I did.

      My friend Lynne cooks the turkey every year and my contribution is the Veggies!

    I oven roasted green beans,steamed Brussel Sprouts and I did what my late Mother In-law called a

    "Frosted Collie Flower". I ended up preparing two heads so every one could enjoy a decent helping.

      Every dish that was brought was fantastic! Everyone who joined us gave us much to be greatful 

    for.Lynne out did herself on the turkey. It was awesome!

        I am getting ready to smoke some Baby Backs for a New Years Day gathering with the Live Steam

    club my family belongs to.Most of the members have 1 1/2" inch scale trains that run on 7 1/2" inch

    gauge track. " Oh what fun it is" to be with friends,play some trains and share some smoked Baby Back ribs!

                                                                                          Happy Holidays & Happy Smokin to all!

                                                                                                         Smokin Sid                                                                                 
  3. zoe tipsword

    zoe tipsword Fire Starter Group Lead

    Hello again,

     We ourselves been getting pounded by bad weather and so all our cooking has been inside. We purchased the mid-sized version of the Masterbuild indoor turkey fryer and we used it to fry our first turkey for Thanksgiving. It was the best turkey we have ever had and I think our only issue was having nothing to make gravy out of. My plan are to get a standing rib roast for Christmas and fry it and also get another Turkey in before the holidays are over. I wish there was a reliable indoor smoker but I fear for the lives of our smoke detectors in that idea.

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