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  1. Good evening,

    For those of you who make linked turkey or chicken sausage, what kind of casing do you use? It seems to me that using hog casing would defeat the purpose of making turkey/chicken sausage. Any thought and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. well it kindly depends on the purpose a person is using chicken instead of another meat. some do because of fat content.

    I use chicken in most of my sausages because pork is VERY bad for my gout. I do use natural hog casings as well as sheep casings. yes, the casings probably contribute a little to gout issues but the amount of meat inside has a much larger affect on it.

    i use natural casings because i like them MUCH MUCH better than collagen casings. 
  3. I just ran a batch of chicken and apple sausage this weekend. I used natural casings as well and don't really find that it changes the taste. LOL, it would be hard to use turkey or chicken casings for this!!
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    Yeah, natural chicken casings would be REALLY hard to work with. :)

    If your reason for using chicken or turkey is an aversion to pork for whatever reason, you could use sheep casings or collagen. As stated, pork casings are the most widely available and easiest to work with, but if you are avoiding all things pig, there are alternatives.

    I don't really know the fat/cholesterol numbers for hog casings, but I can't imagine they're even measurable in the amount used for a sausage or two.
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  5. I always use hog casings for my chicken sausages. So far I haven't had a problem with any gout sufferers who ate it  [​IMG]   Let us know how you make out  [​IMG]
  6. Thanks Junkcollector, Big Poppa, MDBOATBUM, & Smoking B. I was really thinking out loud. Lol

    I was looking at it more from the stand point does it add to the calories/fat content and the stuff that those of us with high cholesterol should avoid. I didn't think it would make too much of a difference, but I wanted to see if anyone used anything besides natural casings.
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  7. in my opinion, the calories/fat content in the casing by itself is of no consequence when compared to the amount of meat inside the casing. i have used colagen casings before for hotdogs, but natrual sheep/hog casings are absolutely my preference.

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