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  1. Ok. I have done some searching but now I am even more confused. I bought 3 breasts each about a pound or so in weight. They are boneless and skinless. I am going to skip the brining because my wife is concerned it will be too salty. My plan is to smoke between 225-250. Use Apple wood at first, then have hickory as a backup.

    My question is, time wise ballpark how long to get to 165. And are these even worth doing being that they are so small? All the posts I have read the birds are alot bigger. Am i wasting my time on this one?

    Thanks all
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    Boneless skinless breasts are really hard to keep from drying out.

    I smoke them in a pan with some chicken broth & lay a couple of strips of bacon on top of them.

    Pull them off at 160, and rest them for 15 minutes.

    The carryover cooking will bring them up to 165.

    They will only take a couple of hours to cook.

    Here's another idea.


    Good luck

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  3. Thanks Al. I am thinking of scrapping the pieces and going back to the store and looking for one 4 to 5 pound breast. With the skin. Then i think it will work a bit better, right?
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    Yes the larger bone in, skin on turkey breast will work out better. But I'd brine for sure. The turkey will come out far better. After you brine it rinse it off real good. I haven't had a salty one yet.
  5. Ditto!
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  7. Well i decided to try the ones i have and see what happens. I looked at every store in the area and could not find whole turkey breasts. What the heck. If it doesnt workout we go outtodinner. Lol
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    I had the same issue trying to find turkey breasts a while back.  Ended up with what I would call a turkey parts roll-up or something.  It was white and dark meat stuffed together in a net.  Thought what the heck.  I went ahead and cured it then made smoked turkey loaf and used it for lunch meat.  It was good but I think a solid breast would have been better.
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    I've smoked those before too.

    They make good sammies, sliced thin on a meat slicer.

  10. Well. I ended up doing the breasts I had. Three hours at 225 and they turned out pretty good. Little too much heat in the rub, but thats my bad. I think I put too much on. Either way, they came out good. Not dry at all. Will be doing that again soon.

    Pics will follow, but they are on my phone and I am just too lazy to get up.
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    The last chicken breasts I smoked were brined for 24 hours.  They were the moistest and tenderest that I have ever made.  And they were skinless, boneless, and a lot less than 1 pound each


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