Turkey Breasts! Where's the love?

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  1. There aren't many recipes for turkey breast on these forums.  Time to change that i think.

    Alright so here we go tomorrow with turkey breasts for tomorrow.  Sister in law has asked me to smoke for a group of 20 to celebrate my niece's first birthday. The brine is the usual water/salt seasoned with honey, rosemary, sage,  marjoram, bay and black peppercorns.  Brined for 5 hours, in the fridge for 12 and smoke with apple wood for 4.

    I've used this recipe before to great success but never on this scale. I'll be increasing it to 5-6 turkey breasts and I'm concerned about heat management and consistency of flavour. Any suggestions would be more than welcome, otherwise I'll post updates and discoveries as I go along.
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    General rule of thumb is cooking individual pieces does not increase cooking time...cooking 1 Butt or 10 Butts they'll still cook the same. So you can do 5 or 6 breasts in the same amount of time as doing one. So just proceed as you normally would
  3. Well I suppose searching for ''Turkey Breast'' was a good idea.  Don't tell my wife [​IMG]

    I've got a Masterbuilt Pro Dual-Fuel and I've found that some pieces (ribs, chicken) don't get as much smoke when they're closer to the top vent.  Thanks for the advice!
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    oh i see...maybe rotating them top to bottom mid way through the smoke would help this? Or you could cut the breasts in half to flatten them out and allow more room for smoke in the chamber 
  5. I was considering that. For better smoke penetration I was also considering removing the skin and replacing it with cheese and butter (this is in Jeff Phillip's book).

    Thanks for the advice!

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