Turkey breast jet-netted

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by dadwith4daughters, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Here's what a turkey breast looks like netted. I brined in salt/sugar and then took back to the butcher to debone and net. It smoked for about 4 1/2 hours and came out as juicy as any bird I've ever Q'd. You might have to call around to see which market has a netter. Only Albertsons in my area did. The netter was a smaller one so these 'loafs' were narrower and longer. Worked great b/c they cooked quicker.
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    Good info, thanks
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    Nice idea! I do alot of turkey loaves but in 4 to 6 inch casings. I had one heck of a time finding them. I wonder if this technique is avilable in my area?
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    That's pretty slick. I wonder though, if you couldn't brine them after they've been netted; so you don't have to make 2 trips to the meat hut? Think the netting would impart something bad in the flavor?

    Also, I will admit that when I saw your pictures, my mind did some pre-design work on a turkey loader......which turned quickly into a turkey/potato gun....im in a distructive mood today!
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    I'm glad I'm not any closer to Sedalia. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Looks pretty good!
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    You're still in range! [​IMG]
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    Do you have to keep it basted or sprayed when you smoke it? I didn't see much skin on it, or maybe I just missed it.
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    I never saw a gun where you smoked your ammo first[​IMG]
  10. Yes, I'm sure you could brine with the net on. I neglected to say that the only turkey breast I could find was a fronzen Jennie O natural. The price was right ($1.79/lb) so that's the only reason I went back to the store to get it netted. Thawed it, brined it, then netted it.
    As for basting/spraying, I didnt do a darned thing. The only thing I wish I did was take picture of it for you all to see. I did freeze one of the breasts so when I thaw it out this weekend I'll be sure to show you.

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