Turkey Breast in MES 40

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  1. jimmy smart

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    I have a couple of questions about smoking a turkey breast in the MES 40. Going to try to smoke on it for the first time tomorrow doin 2 breast.Do I need to bring the smoker up to temp before putting the breast in the smoker.And what temp is best for this.Thanks for any help
  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Yes, heat the unit first and take it as far as it will go... probably 275*F .

    Make it easy on yourself , a bird bought at the Grocer is already 'brined' , so to speak , and IMHO , I

    wouldn't inject , just leaves holes for the juice to escape.

    Use a good Probe Thermometer and place it deep in the Breast , away from any bone, and watch the

    temp. until it gets to 165*F internal temp. in the Legs and thighs will be about 170*F and you'll still

    have a juice Bird...

    I believe you'll do good , guy , did I miss something[​IMG]

    Have a happy Holiday and as always . . .
  3. jimmy smart

    jimmy smart Newbie

    Thanks alot. I believe you covered everything

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