Turkey and sausage?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cybball, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. cybball

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    Planning to smoke a batch of andouille tomorrow and also a wild turkey breast. I plan on low and slow for the sausage. Will slow temp increases from 130 to 175 be ok for the turkey? Didn't know if the turkey should be hotter for a shorter time? Any thoughts on how to tackle? Thanks!
  2. dtj16

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    Don't quote me here burns think hotter the better, if it's like chicken, it will help crisp the skin. My experience w/ chkn is low temp makes the skin tough and chewy.
  3. yardbird

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    I've done poultry as high as 400 in the smoker. :) Ok, not small pieces, but a 14 pound bird. Internal temp is reached properly, you still get that nice smoky flavor, and the skin is much better when cooked hot. 

    Smaller stuff like a 5 pound roasting chicken or thighs or leg quarters, I would never run that hot. But those I can cook easily at 350 to 375. It's nice because they get done fast and still taste awesome.

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