Turkey and Prime rib for Thanksgiving - Meat placement question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jasontetzlaff, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. I am hosting Thanksgiving so I get to do Prime Rib along with the Turkey.  Everyone else in my family is too steeped on tradition, even though I suggest it every year.

    I know that there is TONS of posts on Turkeys and Prime Rib on this awesome site.  If you have any tips or links to posts that you would like to share that would be great.

    My main question is meat placement in the smoker.  I have a Masterbuilt Propane smoker so it is a cabinet style.  Should I place the Turkey on the bottom?  I usually place poultry on the bottom to avoid the juices from running down and possibly contaminating the other items.  I am probably too worried about raw poultry but I never really thought about the correct way to place meats.  If I have vastly different cooking times for my items I always start on the bottom and move to the top when I put the shorter cooking time items in the smoker.  

    General thoughts on placement as well as specific to my scenario is appreciated

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