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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by shields, Jul 14, 2012.

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    So I have the Silver smoker.  Did most suggested mods.  Baffle, lowering stack, charcoal box, etc.  The on mistake I did make was, the baffle and the tuning the plates are pretty thin sheet metal.  I would prefer not to redo it.  Do you think the pumice briquettes would be a decent option in order to distribute the heat and lessen hot spots?  Basically laying them right on the tuning plates?

    I have also seen people suggest sand?  Is that typically suggested in the firebox itself?  

    Thanks Scott 
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    Scott, morning.... Have you cooked on it with the mods you have made ??  and how were the results ??  Some pictures would help in determining more mods.....   

    Sand is usually added in place of a water pan...  It becomes a thermal mass heat stabilizer...  folks have added sand pans to the top of the first tuning plate to reduce that hot spot, also an extra piece of metal has been added below the first tuning plate to deflect the heat down the smoker.....

    Not exactly sure of your question....   Help me out here.....  Dave

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