Tucker's UDS Build (Build # 001 - 004)

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  1. As i posted in another post, my large OzarkSmoke Reverse Flow smoker trailer was just a bit too much smoker for regular home use, so it left me searching the interwebs. A Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS), seemed to fit the bill; and with that, I was off.

    I purchased the drums from a company just outside of St. Louis, Missouri in Venice, IL called Container Distributors. They charged $60 for a brand new open top unlined drum with lid (here is the link http://www.containerdistributors.com/). These drums give me 33" of interior drum height to deal with, and for these we will be using a flat lid.

    Here was my initial design:

    Drum Interior Height = 33"
    Location of Top Rack from Top of Smoker = 8"
    Location of Lower Rack from Top of Smoker = 14"
    Charcoal Basket Overall Height (Including 3" Standoff) = 13" (10" Charcoal wall)
    Charcoal Basket Inside Diameter = 15" (using 3/4 x #9 Exp Metal)
    Quantity of Air Intakes = 2
    Size of Air Intakes = 1-1/2 Standard Pipe
    Location of Air Intakes From Outside Bottom = 3" to Center of Pipe
    Size of Exhaust On Lid = 3" Standard Pipe
    Location of Exhaust On Lid = Unknown

    Well, we finished 2 of the 4 UDS smokers this week before Jeff Fitter and I took off for the Tri-County BBQ Championship in Festus, Missouri. We didn't cook our competition on the drums, but it gave us something to play with during the down time. I have to say, I am really really impressed with the drums.

    Here are some photos from the process.

    --Matt Tucker


    Photo # 001 (New, Un-Lined Drums)

    I bought these drums from Container Distributors in Venice, IL for $60/each.

    Photo # 002 (An inside look at the layout)

    You can see the layout lines for the 2 shelves, the diffuser shelf, and the hanging racks at the top.

    Photo # 003 (Fitting up the lids.)

    Time to fit up the exhaust on the lids. A 1ft piece of 3" Standard Pipe fit the bill.

    Photo # 004 (The Cook Chamber)

    Almost all fitted up and ready for welding.

    Photo # 005 (Welding Time)

    Time to get it all welded up.

    Photo # 006 (Lid and Handle Design)

    I did not want a hinged lid, but also didn't want a hook to just hang the lid. Some small tubing and round rod did the trick nicely.

    Photo # 007 (Grinding)

    Lots and lots of grinding.

    Photo # 008 (Charcoal Baskets)

    Without a doubt, the Charcoal Baskets took the longest to complete. Cutting 3/4 x #9 Expanded metal with a torch is tedious work.

    Photo # 009 (Almost Complete)

    Almost complete.

    Photo # 010 (Bling)

    Exhaust covers and some "bling" are painted up.

    Photo # 011 (Phatso's BBQ UDS)

    A look at the first one painted up for Phatso's BBQ, a friend of mine. We used Dupli-Color Engine Enamel for the paint in aerosol cans (it took 3 full cans per UDS).

    Photo # 011 (OzarkSmoke's UDS)

    A look at the first one painted up for OzarkSmoke, this one's mine. We used Dupli-Color Engine Enamel for the paint in aerosol cans (it took 3 full cans per UDS).

    Photo # 012 (A look at both smokers.)

    Both UDS's together. We have 2 more that are almost done, but weren't quite ready for photos.

    Photo # 013 (OzarkSmoke Bling)

    I really like the look of the stand-off for the logos, and the alternating colors.
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    Are you custom building UDS smokers for sale? If so, sign me up!!
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    How did you determine the position of the top grill?

    Where would you place a thermometer?

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