Trying to find out what size tank i have ?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by steveo412, Jan 3, 2012.

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    [​IMG]                                   I am new to this smoker thing, i have decided to build my first RF/ or any smoker for that matter.  I have been looking for a few months for a propane tank and picked a tank up for  free this last weekend, I'm trying to find out what size this thing is.  its about 6 foot long and around 2 foot wide give or take a few inches.                                                                                                                            Its pretty big and the more i look at it the more perfect it looks for what i want. My father in law and Brother in law bother have big smokers and they look at me like I'm stupid cause I'm building an RF , " telling me that it wont work" cant wait to prove them wrong!!

    Like i said I'm new to this and I'm kinda building this off what everyone has talked about on this forum. i know i want to do a square shape fire box, but i guess right now I'm trying to figure out the size of everything so i know what i need to get for material. any help or web sites would be gladly appreciated.  What do you all think about buying blue prints online, i kinda feel like i really don't need to  do that, seems like there is alot of helpful people and experienced people here. 
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    I myself couldn't tell you, but it appears to be around 150 gal?  Comparatively, the thread "My first 250 gal. reverse flow" looks to be about 8' long vs, your 6 ft.
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