trying sone brisket, butts, dino eggs, and lollipops per your suggestions, for birthday, hope all wo

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  1. I have been here lurking for a while and i'm in roll call now because im still, after much trial and error still working on it after learning much from yall'.  enjoy all i've seen and now have the knowledge gleened by ya'll to try some tougher stuff!  going for brisket for the third time, two butts that have since come out well,(thanks SMF) again some poppers, (abts) ,and  some lolly pops,  . I know its a big order, but its for my birthday, and if it dosn't work, alcohol will probably make up for my deficiencies,  Its happening this weekend, 09-24 11 and i will post pics, win or loose, but i have been lurking for a while and have possibly a false SENSE OF VICTORY ! we will see. I modded my smoker with fire brick which seems to make a huge differenace in temp and some tuning plates,(from advice here) and its holding temps for 4-5 hours without touching.  this however is going to be an all nighter, cold miller light involved, and some good music. Grand children here to keep me awake to moniter the temps, so i'm sure there is nothing that can go wrong!  Wish me luck!  Picks to come as soon as this weekend is over!
  2. Not really sure where to post the pics and results since it covers almost all meats! Please let me know! Also the fatties that i have done, per the advice here, have been awsome, sourcrout and brats by far the winner!
  3. I hope you dont mind, but im going to post this in beef forums also to see if I can get any more advice for this cook since briket is my main concern!
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!

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