Trying something new for Thanksgiving

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  1. I want to try to fry a turkey after smoking I am thinking about cooking it to about 100 degrees on the smoker then moving it to the fryer to finish I am not sure if this has been done or not and if anyone has done this how did it turn out and if there is anything I should be aware of before attempting this any and all advice would be great thanks in advance
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    I'm smoking one and frying one, I'll let my guests decide which ones better.  I've smoked wings and then fried them prior to saucing. They were okay...not the spectacular wing that I envisioned.  I like smoked wings and fried wings, even baked wings are good.  I don't bother with combining the cooking methods anymore.  If you do both with the turkey please share your results with us!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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    My first thought is why?
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    This method is actually in Jeff's cook book. The reasoning is to get the smoke flavor into the bird but then end up with the crispy skin of a fried bird. I have not tried it but it sounds good. 
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    I have done several fried vs. smoked turkey (head to head), taste competitions at Thanksgiving and the smoked bird has consistently won - year in and year out.

    My fryer hasn't made it to a Thanksgiving in many years.  Too much clean-up for the less than satisfactory (as compared to the alder wood smoked turkey), results.

    Focus on your smoked bird!  Try a cider brine and alder wood - you won't (your family won't let you), prepare a turkey any other way!
  6. I used to fry birds exclusively and switched to smoking them and everyone agreed smoked was better.  Plus, its cheaper after the initial smoker investment as wood is cheap compared to gallons and gallons of oil.  Alder wood and some hickory or just plain hickory and your guests will be drooling.  It's also safer.

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