Try Cheese sticks!

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by jakesmith, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. jakesmith

    jakesmith Fire Starter

    I dont have a bakers bag (or whatever you call them) and stuffing ABTs can get messy doing it with your fingers. So what I figured out is use Cheese Sticks. They now come in a lot of varieties so you can usually find the cheese your looking for. My last batch came out good and wasnt much of a mess.
  2. cowgirl

    cowgirl Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great idea!
  3. supervman

    supervman Smoking Fanatic

    Just take a "zip" bag
    fill it with your stuffing
    get as much air out as possible
    Seal top
    work material down into a corner of the bag
    Snip the corner off of the bag
    use to squeeze filling into your ABT's or whatever.

    Good Luck
  4. mavrick813

    mavrick813 Smoke Blower

    And on a side note the baker's bag thing, is called a piping bag.

  5. tn_bbq

    tn_bbq Smoking Fanatic

    One of the main reasons I cut my jalapenos length wise (to form canoes) is so I can stuff them easier.

    I simply use a teaspoon and "scrape" the cheese mixture into the pepper.

    The zip-top bag with a corner cut off is also a good idea.
  6. payson

    payson Meat Mopper

    I agree. I used to core them but never again. So much easier to cut them lengthwise. I think you can load them with more filling this way too!
  7. bonedadddy

    bonedadddy Smoke Blower

    When I use my bakers bag to fill them, I tilt my pinkie finger just seems more civilized that way hehehehe :)

    I am going to stuff some Poblano's this weekend...Quite a bit bigger, but I think the taste will keep with them! And they are mild enough that the wife will eat them...
  8. pitrow

    pitrow Smoking Fanatic

    excellent suggestion! I will use it for those times I'm too lazy to pipe the filling from the bag. Points for you!
  9. flatbroke

    flatbroke Smoking Fanatic

    I used the end of my wifes metal ice cream scoop to stuff the good into the pepper. fit perfect, I will try the zip lock bag trick next time.
  10. tims77

    tims77 Fire Starter

    teaspoon and my thumb

    it ain't fun if you don't get messy
  11. smokin out the neighbors

    smokin out the neighbors Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    I vote Boat! Lots more filling per pepper. Also, you don't need a contraption to hold them up, just line them up on the grates. They also seem easier to clean this way.
  12. goobi99

    goobi99 Meat Mopper

    i use a frosting gun for filling mine. it looks like a caulking gun. i found it in the wifes baking supplies. its made by wilton and runs about $15. it works better than any thing else ive tried. i mean, it looks like a caulking gun how could it not work? maybe they make one that i can connect to the compressor[​IMG]
  13. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    another nice thing about making canoes/boats outta doubles the servings.........lolol
  14. My wife has an electric one, that she uses for christmas cookies, I might have to borrow it.[​IMG]
  15. ron50

    ron50 Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hard to use a pipin bag for hard cheeses but it does work great for the soft fillings.

    I'm a traditionalist and still like them upright in a chili grill.

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