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  1. I set my smoker this afternoon to smoke some BBB. It started fine, waited an hour and it got to 85, it's 57 degrees out, so did some running around. Came home at 4:30 and the heating element had shut off.  Meat now down at 60 degrees.  Don't know how long it's been there.  Useable? Trash? Executioner on the way?  What should I do?

    I just restarted to see if it kicks in.  Has so far (30 minutes). Any advice?

  2. Just to let you know I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker. I just don't want to poison anyone,~~~~~that I like anyway.  LOL

  3. I was wondering what time did you leave it? you said you came home at 4:30 but you didn't mention the time you left,

    since it is Bacon it obviously has been cured
  4. alblancher

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    I would think if it was properly cured you should be ok   
  5. Well, I reset it and am letting it cook and will smell it I guess.  It was cured, actually a little longer than 10 days due to scheduling, so.....perhaps I'll try a piece and see.  Hope I shouldn't be saying 'nice knowing ya'!  LOL  Thanks
  6. doctord1955

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    You are fine go ahead and finish it!
  7. I left about 12:00 noon.
  8. alblancher

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    Probably the worse thing that will happen to you, if you are a person of good health, is that you will be reminded of your college days when you mixed liquors to see how drunk you could get!
  9. One more question if you please. I have been trying to find my way back to the guys and gals that helped me get this BBB set up going, like Teeznuts to thank them and let them know progress.  But as I am unfamiliar with these forums, I haven't been able to get back there.  How do I find you guys here to let you know how it went?  Signed:  moderately stupid with computers
  10. Oh God~  not grasshoppers!!!  NEVER again~~~~LOL
  11. alblancher

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    you can do a pm   or just say thanks in this thread
  12. alblancher

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    I new I learned how to drink when I quit drinking Dreamcicles and fancy rum drinks and started drinking Scotch.  No hangover! 
  13. pineywoods

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    If the meat was cured properly you'll be fine as was said continue the smoke.
  14. Well, they came out looking great~ I took them to 158 and then cooled.  My slicing skills leave alot to be desired for sure. Don't have a camera so can't show you guys; but, have eaten some and now I am waiting~~~~~~~~~~~~~grasshopper or delicious?  Which shall it be.

    Thanks for all your help guys.
  15. smokinal

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    Don't forget to take some photo's!
  16. I don't have a camera yet.  Need to save some monies, but that is for sure on my list.  You guys would laugh at how I sliced the stuff, although one piece sliced out great.  I lucked out and picked the right side that was against the grain~~~~  LOL.  Saving the big pieces left over for bean soup, spit pea and shrimp etouffee.   Lordy!  It is going to be some eatin'~~!!!!

    I get a camera as soon as I can.  I want to make pastrami next.
  17. fpnmf

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  18. Wanna buy me a camera?

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