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  1. Hey folks, new to this smoking addiction so looking for some advice. My bullet smoker is just not getting hot enough no matter how much briquettes I throw in her. She is losing some smoke so looking to mod the doors and lift offs to get a better seal. Have drilled the fire pan to get some better air flow which helped but still not holding temperature. Any advice on how to get this thing up to temp much appreciated.
  2. bmaddox

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    A few more details might help.

    What model smoker?

    What temp are you going for?

    How many briquettes are you lighting to start (half chimney, full chimney)?

    What kind of briquettes?
  3. Good questions, well presented. In answer it is a fox hunter bullet smoker and I am aiming for 250-275 farenheight. I used a full chimney to start an worked on the minion principle to keep the heat going. The fuel was charcoal bricks. Thanks for any advice.
  4. If it has a water pan don't use it. If your having trouble getting it up to temp it works like a heat sink. I had an ECB vertical smoker. I put play sand from the store in the water pan. The sand held the heat pretty well. Do a search, lots of modification threads for all types of smokers. Sad that we have to do that when spending money on a smoker. You'd expect it to perform without them, but many don't. I don't have the cash for an egg or those big ol horizontal offsets. Nor the the tools for building my own.
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    I am not familiar with that smoker but I imagine it is similar to a Weber Smokey Mountain.

    Have you looked into adding Nomex gasket around the door and lid to seal it up tighter? It is readily available on Amazon.

    Also, Is lump charcoal available around you? If so, it tends to burn a little hotter (at least for it does for me).

    If the weather is a factor (cold/wind) you could consider wrapping it in a welding blanket to help insulate it.

    And if all else fails, add more lit charcoal in the beginning. 

    Some pictures of your smoker might help with the answers.
  6. timberjet

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    If you could take some pictures we could help you better. I can't find anything about that brand on the internet.
  7. tropics

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    What kind of Temp Probe are you using,to check the temp?
  8. I used the factory fit therm to begin with and added an on shelf cooking therm. The internal shelf mounted therm read closer to 200 when the factory fit showed 175. I will look in to nomex gasket for the doors. The water pan was empty but will also try the sand idea. I will look in to the lump charcoal as we should be able to get that here and if not then I will look to get some in my travel case next trip to the states. Photos to follow.
  9. tropics

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    Opening the door or taking the lid off to check temp,I think it is probably hotter then you are reading JMHO
  10. timberjet

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    Get yourself a good temp. probe setup like Maverick makes. If you are having to constantly open the lid to see the gauge or the side door that is certainly one of your problems. There is a UK group on here and someone there might be able to help you find a Maverick et 732 or 733 over there. It really makes a world of difference. 
  11. bmaddox

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    The nomex should help seal the gaps between the multiple sections. Also, a remote thermometer like Igill or Maverick will help you get a better idea on what the temps are doing without opening the lid.
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    I'd also add you might want to look into making a charcoal basket and perhaps a ball valve to help help with air getting to the charcoal. I looked on the eBay site and couldn't see what this unit has for air intake..,
  13. timberjet

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    Yes I was just thinking the same thing exactly. Beat me to it.

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