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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by crownified, May 15, 2016.

  1. crownified

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    The past few months i have been tying to find a new hobby. One day my wife and I were talking about a trip last year to Texas. We just drove around the state eating at different BBQ joints. That memory brought on the idea of getting a smoker.

    I got a chargriller competition pro and am waiting on the rest of my materials to finish my desired mods but I extended the chimney down to just above the grill and seasoned it today. Since it was hot after a few hours of just seasoning I decided to toss on a pork butt.

    First cook did not turn out perfect but was still good. The rest of my mods will make a big difference in stabilizing heat. I live on an island so never have to worry about cold weather and can smoke all year. Should improve pretty fast.
  2. Welcome to the site, this is a great place to learn.
    I think you'll find that this is more than a hobby, its a religion/addiction/way of life, but in a good kind of way.
    Now that's a vacation, I plan to do the same one day. With any luck Tennessee, Missouri, and the Carolina's, just to name a few, will also be on the list.
    I live on an island and smoke all year long too, but its not because the weather is warm.  Good luck with your new smoker, and good smokin.
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  3. gearjammer

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    Welcome to you.

    I live on an island too, a very large one called North America.[​IMG]

    Doesn't everyone live on an island? 

    We get a lot of snow on my part of this one though.

    I think I like your island weather better than mine.

    Glad you came here.


  4. smokinal

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Glad to have you with us.

    Sounds like you are in a perfect spot to practice your new hobby.

  5. crownified

    crownified Newbie

    Thank you for the welcome everyone.  My first smoke was a success and I can confidently say I am gonna love my new hobby.  Tomorrow I am jumping all in and filling the smoker with meat.   Got 2 pork butts, 2 racks of beef back ribs, 3 pork rib tips, potatoes and cabbage going on the smoker.  Go big or go home right.  No pressure haha. I am nervous and not expecting it to be perfect but with all I have read on here and the few practice runs at maintaining constant temp I am confident it will at least be edible.  

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