Tropical Baby Backs (location)

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  1. Figured I'd add the word location to the thread title so as not to infer the use of mangos, papaya or other tropical ingredients, but hey - got to do a few racks of baby backs and feed the guests here at the villa in St. Thomas.


    Details - all I have to use use a Weber 22 Kettle but, I get the added bonus of the AMNS.  So I loaded the smoker with a mix of Hickory and Apple dust and got it going. Several briquettes in each side tray, then a healthy handful in the chimney starter. Once they got going I split them up in the side trays and tossed on the ribs in the rack I picked up last time on the mainland at sears.  Modified the 3-2-1 method with 3-2 done!  


    Temps held reasonably steady (windy day) between 225 and 250.  Didnt need to add any charcoal but realized the AMNS went out early (moisture and maybe placement hindered its burn).  


    Ribs turned out awesome - great taste (Jeff's Rub) and nice coloring...the guests were very pleased with them and chowed like pigs!


    Having been an electric smoker guy in the past I have had to re-learn using charcoal and want to say thanks to the many, many who have added comments, suggestions and hints onto this website for helping in my progress to figuring out how to use it. 

    Enjoy your weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!

  2. They look great. Nice smoke ring. On a Weber no less.[​IMG]
  3. fpnmf

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    Awesome pictures!!!


  4. justpassingthru

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    Good looking ribs, great view and, ...protected form the mosquitoes.

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    Great looking ribs John!   [​IMG]
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    Hey John!

    Great Looking Ribs My Friend!

  7. bearcarver

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    Great looking Ribs!!!!

    Nice Qview & two Great BearViews too !!!!

    Thanks John!!

  8. Great looking ribs!!!
  9. raptor700

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    Awesome smoke ring John


    Thanks for sharing
  10. Darn good looking ribs!
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    [​IMG]   Great Looking Ribs...
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    Great looking ribs and really nice view too
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    Nice smoke ring!   [​IMG]
  14. awesome job !

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