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  1. dave pavement

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    Tried Jeff''s recipe for beef tritip came out beautifully, but in Jersey, I found the tritip at a Wegman's for 9.99/lb and that was choice...If Jeff can get prime for $4/lb sounds like it might be worth having it shipped
  2. scarbelly

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    Just picked some up on sale here for $2.99. They freeze pretty well so if you find them on sale grab some and freeze them  
  3. smokinal

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    Man I envy you guys, I've only seen them one time around here. 
  4. bmudd14474

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    Al you will see then at the gathering if you are there.

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  5. smokin vegas

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    Bud I see you live in California if you have a Smart and Final near you, you can find them there.  That is where I buy them.  Half the price of what the major chain grocery stores like Von's charges.  They are showing up at some Walmarts too.  The best are at Smart and Final.  Go to to find the one nearest you.  I like that store better than Sam's or Costco no members fee.  Easier to get in and out of too.
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  6. IF you live in So Cal Costco sells them in double packs even cheaper than Smart and Final. They also sell them in a strip form that is about 1.5 inch square x 7" or so strips.

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