trimming spareribs St.Louis Style

Discussion in 'Pork Sticky' started by coyote, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. irishteabear

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    Thank you for this tutorial. Very easy to understand and follow along with.

    Used it today for the first time. My results were just like the picture. [​IMG]
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    We only trim like this for comps.The rib tips-part that you trimmed- are great smoked then foil panned and sauced like burnt ends from brisket- my sis likes to freeze and add to beans etc.
  3. Man this is a fantastic tutorial! Learned a lot. Can't wait to practice this technique.
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    Very, very helpful, thanks.[​IMG]
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    Do you guys usually smoke the "brisket" whole and then chop it into tips afterwards? Or do you chop then smoke? I've always chopped first, but my local BBQ shop chops after and they are mighty tasty.

    I've found out here that it costs basically the same for a rack of St. Louis style or a rack of spares. Because of the per-pound price difference you essentially get the rib tips and extra bits for free. Great for anybody that can handle a knife.
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  8. great post~ one question though, when I tried trimming my own and cooking the skirt and the rib tips as well, they turned out pretty tough and not pleasant to there a reason for that? I took them out earlier than the ribs but they still turned out tough 
  9. jirodriguez

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    They are smaller pieces of meat that cook much faster, so the heat doesn't have as much time to break down the meat fibers and make them juicy and tender. One thing you can do to help is after about 2 or 3 hrs. wrap the skirt and tips in foil with some apple juice, then toss them back into the smoker for another hour.
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    This is where I learnd how to trim St. Louis.

    What I do if I overcook, is chop the skirt up very fine and save it for beans or chili.

    But ditto on what Johnny said.
  11. Thanks Coyote,

    I'll try this tomorrow while doing a little yard work.  I'll make sure to take pics for Q-View.

    May your smoke always be thin and blue!

  12. Coyote,

    Yea they sure do look like baby backs when trimmed.[​IMG]
  13. Temps ran a little hot due to wind, overall they were great.  Nice and tender but did not fall off the bone (competition style) heavy sauce and good and sticky.  Thanks for the trimming tip Coyote I'm going to used my trimmings for some pork tamales with a little venision.  Man this is a great site, thanks to all the help on hear I will take it to the next level.


    Happy smoking all,

  14. [​IMG]One more pic or two.[​IMG]
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  15. Quote:
    This is what I'm curious about as well. So, I'm gonna cut the 'tips' off and keep in one large piece and smoke seperately. Then give them maybe a 2-1-.5? Cut between bones after?
  16. the bishop

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    Just a quick thanks for the original poster!  This worked out perfectly. Don't be afraid to cut your own St. Louis ribs!  It's not hard at all.
  17. venture

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    I'm sorry that I can't remember who, but somebody on this forum recommended running the membrane portion under hot water for a minute or so to make the membrane easier to pull off.  I had my doubts, but tried it.  It works great!

    Many thanks to that unknown member.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I wanted to ask a question to re assure myself but this topic fit perfectly . I just bought a rack of spare ribs advertised as brisket off so when I got to the store all I saw were what I thought were regular spare ribs although they were labeled brisket off . I asked a meat lady about it and she said those were the brisket off ribs , and then as I started to point out the brisket area and saying 'this is the brisket" the meat guy came out so I continued " I thought you would remove that portion to make brisket off and then you have a rack that looks simialar to a rack of baby backs " , but the meat man said if you cut off the brisket then you do have baby backs , but I thought you have spare ribs trimmed st Louis style and baby backs are a different cut of meat altogether ?? I'm pretty sure some one will chime in on this and fill me in . Thanks in advance .
  19. They may look like baby backs but they are from the side of the pig. Baby backs are at the top connected to the spine.
  20. It sounds to me like the meat guy didnt know what he was talking about. Id be wary of buying anything labeled baby back from that store in the future and maybe even other cuts of meat if they are thinking that a spare rib trimmed is a baby back.

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