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Discussion in 'Beef' started by rocman44, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. Usally just read and absorb all your knowledge thank you all for the info. I do have a question today i have a 16lb. whole boneless prime rib with 2'' lip. In the past i have trimmed that off is this the right thing to do is so what can i do with the trimmings. Thanks in advance going to try and be
    more active in here instead of just looking.


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  2. minn.bill

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    good question randy,wish i had an answer for you but ive, never done a prime yet. but i want to soon so i figure id post this and hope it brings your ? back up to the top of the page .maybe will get read again .[​IMG]
  3. Thank's bill i haved trimmed it before didn't know if it was the right thing to do. Have to decide soon 1/2 of it's going to be belated christmas dinner for girlfreinds son and grandkids.

  4. richtee

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    The lip is mostly fat, correct? You make sausage? I'd save it for that... Hmm Vlap's here, he might be able to fill ya in on the correct thing...

    On Edit: Sent Mr.V a PM... I bet he knows :{)
  5. vlap

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    Been a while since I messed with a prime rib. The lip I am assuming was attached to the bones. I have never seen a prime rib served with it. Like rich said you could save it for sausage or if there is a decent amount of meat in it use it with the bones for stock making. If there is a substantial amount of meat you could trim the fat out as best you can chunk up the meat and add it to a stew.

    I don't know everything though. I just slept at a holiday inn express last night. What little I do know I will always be happy to share though.
  6. fatback joe

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    Are you calling the lip the part on the meat that gives it that kind of tear drop shape?
  7. yes joe it say's right on the label from sam's with 2'' lip bought boneless instead of paying for all the weight of the bone. Thanks vlap you know a heck of a lot more than me
  8. squeezy

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    I believe you are referring to the 'cap' ... it is usually tied on to protect the roast during cooking. When done I cut the string and set the cap aside, cut the rib section off as close to the bone as possible, slice and serve the rest. The ribs can be braised and finished on the grill the next day or frozen.
    The cap I usually trim as much meat out as possible for use in stew, soup or chili.
    Hope that helps!
  9. fatback joe

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    I leave it all intact and only trim stuff that just looks nasty..........any extra fat just seems to add to the flavor IMO. I have seen and heard of the meat being removed from the bone and tied back on the bone, fat cap off and tied back preference is to leave it intact and carve it up when the cooking is done........with the attitude of if you don't like it, don't it eat......I bought the damn thing. LOL May be different in a catering/resturant type setting though.

    Like VLAP said........all that stuff goes into the the pot to make stock/broth when it all said and done. My some last night from the bones, scraps, and fat from the X Mas cook. Smelled so good I could almost drink it. [​IMG]
  10. bossman

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    Randy, whenever I have done prime rib I only trim the prime if I have areas that are dried up or dehydrated from aging. I try and dry age my prime in the fridge for at least three days. The diffrence in dry aging and not dry aging is cutting your slices of prime with a fork or having to cut it with a knife!

    The fat that is there I only trim if its loose pieces. The fat is what is going to protect your prime during the low and slow smoking process and much like the fat on a brisket will marinate and keep your prime moist, a good majority of the fat will render during the cooking process.

    Build up a good crust on the outside and you will be a happy camper. I make a wet rub for my prime where I mix my rub with Worchstershire sauce, making a paste. I then coat the whole prime and then put it on the smoker. Take a look at my post I did with photos with my prime I did for Christmas. If you need anyother help or if I can help further send me an email and I reply as soon as I can!
  11. Thanks joe and bossman and every body else. Did just as you guys said trimmed just a little seared it and cooking at 225 right know 8lb's of it froze the rest. Also got 40 abt's on rack over rib. Had 5lb's smoked chicken wings and pork tenderloin for lunch. going out to get some q-view and see if i can get it posted on here.


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