Tried 3-2-1 ribs again on Sunday...

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by dejacks, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. The rub turned out great. Not too spicey for the gf, just right. I was disappointed though. The meat didn't pull back the 1/4" from the bone until after the 2 part. They were really juicey and a few end bones were falling out so I opted to do the 1 hour to firm them up. I let them set for a few minutes after pulling them. The "tips" were a bit dry for me. The end part where all the meat is at was dry as well. But the rest of the rack was just about right for me.

    How can I get more moist rib "tips"? Both attempts have failed to give the the 1/4" meat pull back in the first three hours, instead it occurs during the 2 hour foiled step My temps were right around 225-230. Should I just leave them on for a shorter time after the foil comes off? Mop? Kinda stuck...I mean they were good, but they could have been better.

    Pics to follow....

    my first attempt at Salmon was spot on though! Loved it!
  2. you can go less time on the 3 stage or spritz more- it begins w/ the quality of meat. for me- when i do get some ribs w/ bits that are what i consider overdone- icut that off & add it to my beans.
  3. twomill

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    I would make sure that the temps on the cooking surface were at 230 and remember it doesnt take long to cool down pit while your spritzing so do it quick and adjust smoking time to actual temperature target time. But, if they are good I wouldnt sweat it much unless your looking for perfection. Then you have become just like most meat smokers. LOL
    Just my thought.
  4. ron50

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    My personal experience has been that if I smoke at 240-250 degrees, I get a better and faster pullback then at 225-230 degrees. Might want to give it a try and see if that works for you.
  5. I'm with Ron on temps for ribs but they don't always pull back alot. fattier ones pull back more than meatier ones do.

    Wrap them sooner and spritz then more. When you wra add some apple juice that might help.
  6. seaham358

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    Why do you need to get a pull back in the first 3 hours?
    IMO if they taste good, thats all that matters.
    Sometimes I don't even get a pull back, they still taste great to me.
    When I cook the whole rack of ribs without cutting them into a St. Louis style rib that is when I get the most moist ribs.
    Do not expect a pull back like this...
  7. Me too and when I get the least pull back.
  8. walking dude

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    last time i did spares, i had over a 1 inch around here somewhere

    but i was running higher temps, and got a heck of a smoke ring......

  9. Like Gypsyseagod said, it begins with the quality of meat. I have done racks the same exact way(3-2-1), rub, temp, cut... and some racks have not pulled back. My brother-in-law works for a local pork packing company and I get ribs from him alot. Whenever I smoke the ribs he gets, they always seem to pull back. Whenever I get ribs from the supermarket, it's a crapshoot.
  10. Maybe I'm just silly. I don't worry about it.

    I do 3-2-1 with St Louis trim spares and it always comes out perfect. I don't really do the "1" though, I put on the chargriller for about 3 minutes a side with Jeff's sauce or Sweet Baby Ray's. Awesome looking and taste.

    If they aren't done after the 3 and 2 there is something else wrong. Pull back amount doesn't matter.
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    For some reason or other, not all ribs will pull back the same length each time. i wouldn't be too concerned about the amount of pull back, if they taste great... everybody's happy.

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