trial run on my new smokenator

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bagbeard, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. my new smokenator just arrived in mail last week.  finally got a chance to try it out last night.  i bought the full package with the hover grill and thermometer.  wanted to test but didnt want to ruin anything important so i smoked some garlic that i will dehydrate and grind into smoked garlic powder. 

    smokenator worked pretty good but had to mess with vent on my weber a bit.  i need to learn to make an adjustment and wait a while because it takes a while to take effect. i was adjusting way too much .   got 5 hour cook out of 36 kingsford briquettes plus 14 to start it. not bad use of fuel. my first experience with minion method. still not too sure about smoldering briquettes.  think i will try with lump or natural hardwood briquettes next time. dome temp fluctuated between 225 and 280 grilll temp was 195-250.

    garlic tasted awesome strait off grill but i think powder will be a great addition to my rub!

    great product with alot of time put into users manual.
  2. the finished garlic powder.  i wasnt thinking.  smoking the garlic cooked it so the outside was very tough.  this made dehydrating take forever.  over 3 days in fact. the humidtiy around here was high though.  after drying the cloves were so hard you could break a window with one.  even harder than when i dry raw garlic for powder.

    the benefit to home ground garlic powder is also its downfall.  no chemical drying agents to keep it from clumping and it clumps into a hard chunk.  remedy: ground it up with a mortar and pestle.

    the colour is very deep and rich and the aroma is enough to put the dehydrator in shop or outside if you had a covered area.  i also dried some onions for the first time. they smell even stronger.  cant wait to make a rub out of these ingredients.

    mmm, fresh and natural

  3. i used coffee grinder for the main portion of the grinding the mortar and pestle is just to break up the clumped up ground powder

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