Trial and error

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  1. I did a brisket last weekend which was my 4th smoke and my second smoke using a maverick 732  and while I was waiting for it to come up to temp I couldn't figure out why  the maverick was reading 30 degrees hotter than the one on my WSM so I went

    with the maverick's temp and threw my brisket on when the temp stabilized at 216 in order for me to get it at this temp I had

    the 3 vents on the bottom 1 closed 1 90 percent closed and the other at 80 percent closed and the top vent 50 percent closed, this didn't seem right to me but I went ahead with the smoke anyways for about another hour and a few beers later I just knew there

    shouldn't be that much of a difference between the two after all it was a new smoker and a new Maverick so the more I thought about it the more it bugged me so I went ahead and pulled the cover off to check the probe and when I did I seen my rookie mistake, now this is probably common sense to you pros  but when I put the probe on the grill I wanted to make sure to leave enough room for the brisket

    thus the reason I stuck it on the very edge of the grate which naturally is where the direct heat is because of the gap between the water bowl and the side of the smoker, once I moved the probe where it was actually closer to the meat and over the water bowl both thermometers were dead on, by the way I'm using sand in my water bowl. Lesson learned.
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    Yup that's the best way to learn, just simple trial and error.

    Done that once too, not always easy to find a good place for the probe with a 13-14 lb brisket! :)

    Cheers bud

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