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Discussion in 'Beef' started by werndog, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. werndog

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    Last minute urge to smoke so I went to the store to find something quick.  Stumbled across a tri tip so I decided to give it a try.  Never done one before.  It was a small one with no fat on it whatsoever and was wondering if it is better to have some on it?  Anyway I picked up some chicken as well which was kind of stupid since I was going to cook them at different temps.  Went home and got started.

    Yes that is snow in San Antonio, all quarter inch of it from the "blizzard."


    Here is the tri tip.  I seasoned with sea salt, pepper and a little garlic powder and threw it in at 225 with mesquite and oak.  Took about an hour and 45 minutes to reach 135 degrees, pulled it off, wrapped it and fridged it while the chicken cooked.  Just injected with creole butter store bought stuff and sprinkled Cooper's BBQ seasoning since I didn't have time to marinate.  Cooked it at 300 for about the same amount of time.  Then threw the tri tip on a hot grill to warm it up and char a little.


    Chicken came out pretty darned good but not as good as I was hoping, but then again I always think everything can be better.  Tri Tip was a little chewy not tough though, but really had a great beefy flavor that I loved.  Any ideas on how to make it less chewy?  Maybe just the meat itself.

  2. smokinal

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    It sure looks good!
  3. realtorterry

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    That looks awesome to me! Not sure about the chewy? Wondering though why did you only take it to 135? Your still under the 140 danger zone? Did you foil it till it got to 140?
  4. les3176

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    There should'nt be much fat at all on a tritip,their pretty lean cut of meat. I not sure why it got chewy on ya..I would have cooked it a little longer myself.
  5. scarbelly

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    TriTip can be a little chewey sometimes. No reason for it that I have found. We do a lot of TriTip here in So Ca and it just happens sometimes Looks good though
  6. werndog

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    I wasn't really thinking right when I pulled it at 135.  If you then throw it on a hot grill to sear it I am sure it would come up but Since I then cooked the chicken before doing it, it most likely never got above 140. 
  7. mballi3011

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    I can't help the chewwy but it look great to me. We over here don't get the change to smoke a tri-tip. I have smoked one but I had a friend bring it to me from Calif.
  8. justpassingthru

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    Looks like you got the seasonings right on the tri-tip, might want to add some parsley, but that's just the way I do them, I haven't smoked any and don't remember seeing any smoked back in California, I cook mine on a grill at medium heat, 5-6 minutes per side will bring them to 135°, 7-8 will bring them to 140°, ya have to watch them real careful and use a meat thermometer or they will become like shoe leather if you leave them on too long.

    Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip

    Just to give you and idea of a grill cooked tri-tip, I left this one on too long for my tastes, almost well done, 7 minutes one side and 9 minutes the other with an internal of 151°.


    Tri-tip cooked fast and medium is just as tender as prime rib.

    I hope that helps you with the next one.

  9. smokinal

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    That's one juicy looking tri tip!
  10. justpassingthru

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    Thank you Al.

  11. 225 is a good temp to cook at, but 135 is not a finish temp for the meat.  Tri-tip should be med well to well.  and when you are lookinf for a tri-tip make sure it has a fat cap.  Thiis will be placed up hen cooking.  Inturnal finish temp should be 175 to 180. 

    Tri-tip is an excelent cut of meat for BBQ, and there are swcwral ways to do it, this is the way I like to do it.

    Your friend

  12. jlstout

    jlstout Newbie

     No way do you take tri-tip to 175-180 internal!  Tough as leather that way.  Same finish temp as a steak.  I always cook mine to 135-140 finish.[​IMG]
  13. el ropo

    el ropo Newbie

    This statement is so wrong on so many levels.  Please refrain from posting if you don't know diddly.

    Pull at 130-135, tent for 15-45 minutes, perfection.  And don't ever trim the fat cap off before cookin, that's where all the flavor and moisture is.  We're not talking about a pork butt, or brisket, no collagen, connective tissue, or fat to melt away.
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  14. el ropo

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    If you wish to do a reverse sear, smoke the tip till internal temp of 120, toss on hot direct heat for 2 min per side, tent for minimum of 15 min.  I guarantee the IT will rise to 138-145 when done, and it will leave a huge pool of juice (not blood) on your cutting board, there is your au jus, and the meat will melt in your mouth.

    Don't listen to anyone who recommends medium to well done for a lean hunk of beef like the tri tip.  The know not what they speak of.
  15. chef willie

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    not sure about the 'chewy' part as well....wonder what grade of beef it was? Never smoked one but have done my share on the grill in Santa Barbara wheres it considered the national meat to grill....even seen it at weddings. I was always told to slice the meat across the grain at a 45 diagonal...might have something to do with it....Willie
  16. rbranstner

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    Man there has been a lot of tri tips lately. I'm so jealous.
  17. coacher72

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    Looks good to me. Don't see many tri-tips around here. Have to kee p an eye out the next time they hit the meat case and pick one up.

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