Tri Tips and a Breakfast Fatty

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  1. Last month we picked up a big pack of tri tips at our local Cash and Carry store ( $1.89/lb). The pack had 5 four pound tri tips. We used one for a chili cookoff we entered (and won 1st place!). The rest we froze. While trying to decide what to make for Christmas dinner, we decided to try smoking tri tips. Since we will be traveling to my Dad's house, I had to smoke them today.

    This is our second smoke with our MES and first time with tri tips. Someone earlier posted about rubbing them with Pickapepper sauce and letting them sit over night, which we did. Before putting them in the smoker we put a rub on them.

    Also, I made Apple Cranberry Pecan breakfast sausage for Christmas morning and had a pound and a half left over after stuffing the casings, so I decided to make a breakfast fattie with it. The sausage meat was wrapped in a bacon weave. I could not think of anything clever to stuff it with, so just did it all meat.

    The tri tips turned out nice, good flavor and when cut across the grain at a bias, are very tender. Not much of a smoke ring.




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    Looks great, and the fattie may not be stuffed with anything but those ingredients in the sausage look like they would be mighty tasty.
  3. Do you use the "Cash & Carry" in Salem? Looks like you caught a good sale. It is funny how Tri-Tip pricing changes from summer to winter.

    I really like the "Bacon Log Fattie" Did you use fresh cranberries or dried.

    Keep up the good work.
  4. It is the CnC in Eugene. I know what you mean about the pricing. I went in on a Thursday to see what the price was, $2.08/lb. Went back the next day and it was on sale $1.88. It's back up to $2.08 now.

    The cranberries were fresh. You simmer them briefly in apple juice. It is funny then they go pop as they plump.
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    Nice work you did on this....[​IMG]

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