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  1. cali frank

    cali frank Newbie

    has any other people grilled/smoked tri tip, it seems to be very popular in Ca.
  2. Yup there are LOTS of tri tip threads on here & they look great! Some day I will find one to try!!!
  3. chef willie

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    Yep.....many on here, myself included, love them.....Costco carries them here in Oregon
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  4. bworthy

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    Tri tip was my first smoke. Used oak for the smoke, took it to an IT of 140* which is a little more on the medium well side. Decent quality meat at Costco.
  5. one of  my  favorite  steaks     jeffs rub      225  smoked  with your fav wood about 1.5 hours  
  6. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Oh the goddess of steaks! Lots of ways to smoke them. Low slow hot fast, just be careful to not over cook. Cook to internal temp that you like. We like ours rare medium rare so cook them to 130-135 IT. Pull wrap in foil and let rest for 30-45 minutes then slice and serve. Cherry and pecan is my goto wood for smoking beef. Make some smokey Au jus at the same time and you'll have the best tri tip sandwee!
  7. I just cooked a Tri-tip last week here in Maryland and couldn't have turned out better.

    # 1) I filled a bowl w/ red wine, cayenne pepper, Worcester sauce, & garlic/onion powder then injected as much as I could all over the roast.

    # 2) Put the roast in a ziplock bag and fill with the rest of the bottle of red wine & let sit for I would say at least 4-6hrs.  I did mine overnight.

    # 3) Started the smoker up at 210 w/ Cherry & Hickory and cooked until an IT temp of 130 (~1hr 40mins).  Let sit for 25mins then sliced.

    Wow.  Just wow.  The meat was a beautiful purple color and was CRAZY juicy.   I was hoping for leftovers from the party but that apparerntly

    was not acceptable to my guests.


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