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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jdsmith, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. jdsmith

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    I wanted to give tri tip a shot after seeing them on here. I asked the assistant manager of the meat dept. about tri tip the other day. He claimed that 95% of them are shipped to the west coast, and they can never get their hands on any. Is this true? He also said the closest thing he had for me was whole sirloin strip.

    What say you fellow smokers?
  2. thunderdome

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    I read about this problem a lot on here.

    Yes, it seems like Tri-Tip is regional for some reason. It's at any and every grocery store in AZ.

    It's a very common cut we see. It's fantastic. I think it's a great mix of a grilling cut of beef, and a slow cooking style of beef. Somewhere between a steak, and a brisket (more like steak).

    Garlic salt + Pepper, grill till 135, foil, and cut thin slices across the grain.
    Throw in a tortilla and enjoy
  3. mballi3011

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    I can tell you that I have never seen one here in Florida. Even at a national chain stores too.
  4. cheesehead

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    Jeff's rub saran wrap overnight then smoke to 135 slice thin. Open face french rolls with provolone in under the broiler to melt.......Heaven.

  5. div

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    Big Y supermarkets u can get it here but its not a common cut which makes it expensive... i used it for chilie one time was an expensive batch of chilie though
  6. I have found tri tip at Publix here in South Florida once. It was labled as Sirloin Tri-Tip. The meat dept guy (I don't want to call him a butcher) said that they can order them if they get enough requests.

  7. smokebuzz

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    Any place that cuts up "primels"?, will be able to cut them for you, I think they some time call them sirloin tip roasts, I get them all the time at Sam's in Ames.
  8. deltadude

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    I'm not sure I would mention brisket and tri-tip in the same phrase except that both are beef cuts of meat. One is the toughest cut requiring hours of slow cooking to soften the connective tissues to get an edible piece of meat (brisket) from the front of the animal. The other is from the rear area, and is tender enough to grill without any special prep, and when cooked and cut properly it is super tender and very tasty.

    As a Calif. dude I cook and eat a lot of tri-tip each year. Traditionally it is simply seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder, grilled. Served with pinquito beans, salsa, green salad and grilled garlic bread. If not serving with beans then I like baby red potatoes seasoned with BBQ seasoning and grilled.

    Tri-tip cooks slower than other steak because the cut is thicker. Tri-tip is a cut from the bottom sirloin primal cut. It is a small triangular muscle, usually 1.5 to 2.5 lbs.

    If not cut on the bias, then the slice with be tough and chewy, when cut properly it is super tender and yum good.
  9. BJ's and costco has them I dont know if you have any of those stores around you. If not you can go to for a waygu tri tip for about 65.00 or for 20.00 and 7.99 lbs. Also i think costco even ships for you if you need.

    Good Luck,

    it's really hard to get them here on the Cape Cod.

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