Tri Tip is NASTY!!!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by webowabo, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. webowabo

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    hehe.. JUST KIDDING MY FRIENDS! don't shoot just yet.. THEY are the BOMB! I think a new favorite smoke .. quick and EASY!


    I did a couple of tri tips for the first time today. Thanks Keith and Case for the help. Just thought I would do my share on here and post my process for others to learn if needed.

    I realized they were untrimmed after opening the package.. and was quite surprised how much fat was on the little ol cuts. I was informed to trim which I did with now problems.

    one trimmed.. one untrimmed for the time being.

    all trimmed up

    all the fat.. will save for some venison sausage or the likes

    simple seasoning.. SPOG and a little smoked Paprika...


    in the mini..smoker temp around 245*.. IT temp about 115*.... after about 40 mins...

    Pulled out of mini at IT 132... and out of smoker while I get the grill nice and hot for the sear on both sides...

    Searing on whats left of the coals on the smokey joe bottom...


    Cut a.k.a. Case way... perfect med rare... 142* after I let it rest in foil for about 20 mins after sear...

    One all sliced up.... the other I will put the meat slicer to work and thinly slice for the best sammies through out the week :):)

    I will buy these anytime I find them around here now.. they are that good.. Thanks again to all the threads on tri tip... specially those by Keith and Case... I love TT....


    Thanks for looking



  2. kathrynn

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    I was going to smack you for saying that.  Those tris look great!

  3. Looks great!

    Happy smoken.

  4. webowabo

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    hehe... Thanks Kat.. I just wanted to get every ones attention :)
    And thank you David..

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