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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokey mo, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. smokey mo

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    I'm glad that my son likes BBQ beef. That way I can justify a new BBQ and a ton of Tri-Tip.  Cash and Carry (United Grocers) is our local commercial supplier.  They have cryopaks that average 15# each with 5-6 roasts in each pack.  So I let them set out to warm while I prepped the smoker, then in they went.  Smoked them till they were 135 then moved them to the gas grill to sear them.  Foiled them and let them rest till the party.  

    So I had to go buy a little larger smoker.  The Webber 22.5 was too small, the ECB was too difficult in higher winds...and since the big 'Mo isn't complete yet I had to buy something in the mean time.  I bought the Brinkman offset from the Home Depot and it seems to work ok.  There will need to be a few mods done but it does smoke well.

    Here is my rub may sound like a strange mix but it gets great reviews.

    9 TB Salt

    8 TB CBP

    1/4 C Dry Mustard

    2 TB Each Garlic Powder

                    Ground Bay Leaves


                    Onion Powder

                    Crushed Coriander

    1 TB Each Tarragon



                     Red Chili Powder


    1 tsp         Cayenne (more or less for your level of fire)

    2 tsp         Sage

    1/4 tsp      Ground Cloves                

    So here come the Qviews.

    Waiting for the smoker to come to temp.

    All loaded up for the ride.

    On the grill to finish.

    The problem is after it got foiled we were in a rush so I dont have any after shots.  When I get home and cut the last roast for our dinner tonight I will take a shot to show you.  They turned out amazing!  All my SOCal buddies said it was like home.

    Thanks for coming by and looking at my post.

    Smokey Mo'
  2. pineywoods

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    Looks like a great smoke [​IMG]
  3. smokey mo

    smokey mo Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    This is the steak after a re-warm in the oven for dinner.  It is no indication of how good it was at the party.  It had a very nice ring, I was very proud of this smoke.
  4. richoso1

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    Congrats, it appears to have a nice smoke ring. Thanks for sharing.
  5. caveman

    caveman Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Looks good & juicy.  Love the smoke ring.  [​IMG]
  6. sumosmoke

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    Great looking smokes, and as the others have mentioned - nice smoke ring ya got on that meat! Bet it tasted wonderful and made for some fine sammies the next day, too!

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