Treating Chops Like Ribs?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by morkfrompork, Aug 26, 2015.

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    I`ve looked and searched and looked some more, with no luck..

    I`ve been kicking an idea around in that empty space between my ears about chops.

    Since pork has been at pretty decent prices lately, we`ve been loading up on it.

    Nice, thick, bone in or boneless chops have hit grill, smoker, and pan in our home for awhile.

    My biggest complaint is they are tough buggers no matter how done.

    Marinades, brines, and studded mallets don`t help a bit-IMHO...

    SO...what if you smoked them along the lines of ribs, well those that wrap their ribs I mean.

    Throw them on with just some rub for an hour or so.

    Pull them off and do the squeeze butter-brown sugar-other stuff in a foil pouch method like many do for baby backs and spares.

    Put them back into some heat for awhile and either let them rest in the juices or pull em out and sear them on a grill??????

    My ribs come out just juicy and tender as all get out and would really like my chops to do the same.

  2. crankybuzzard

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    Sure it would.

    Take the chops and layer them side by side.  Lay the first flat, lay the next about 1/2 way across the first, and so on.  Smoke for an hour or 2 at 225 or so, foil them up with a little mop sauce, let them go at 225 for another hour or so and check for tenderness.  Once you get CLOSE to the tenderness level you want, take them out and finish them in the smoker or sear on the grill.
  3. burghroots

    burghroots Newbie

    I have done this...they take a little less than 2 hours at 225 to finish. I sprinkled them with poultry seasoning, spread with apricot jam and slices of pineapple on top since we don't like spicy.
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  4. mdboatbum

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    What cut are we talking about here? There are several kinds of chops.
  5. burghroots

    burghroots Newbie

    I've used "Country Style Ribs" which are boneless. Sort of a flat loin.

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