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  1. I have a Lil Tex with a digital thermostat. When I put it on smoke, it only gets up to about 135-140, but on the next setting 225, it reads 225 pretty constant. I have tried cleaning the pot, etc. It seems to be a lower temp smoke. Should I worry, or should the temp be higher on this model?

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    They are notorious for being erratic.  Some run well. . . . . others, not so much.  You get what you pay for when it comes to controllers and this is a relatively inexpensive controller.  I think that Traeger should be able to help you in by changing your p-settings, but you need to be able to explain exactly what it is doing and what you want it to do.  I would suggest starting with figuring exactly what your grate temps are at each setting.  Use a multiprobe thermo like a Maverick or i-Grill to validate your grate temps.  Don't believe the readout on the Traeger.

    Good luck.

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