Treager brand cooking pellets

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    Has anyone used the treager brand cooking pelkets. Our local ace hardware carries them. If the are good it will be nice to be able to purchase locally.. we live southwest of indy. Otherwise I think I may havec to mail order them.. I have a yoder ys640 on order and trying to do some supply research here. Thanks
  2. I have used Apple, Cherry, and Mesquite without a problem. 

    Smoke on!

    - Matt
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    Thanks Matt!
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  5. Thanks for the link, good info!
  6. Traeger pellets are 100% alder wood with flavored oils added to them to get the variations. Our ACE carries a variety of pellets and I have found luck with Pacific Pellets and Bear Mountain Pellets. Both are alder based but use real hardwood for the flavor woods and regularly show up on sale at ACE for $9.99 a 20#bag.
  7. Hahahaha nevermind me, I'm new here and apparently missed the link that already said what I did. Doh!
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    I Use Traeger pellets when I can get them on sale.  Right now I am using Bear Mt pellets, that I can get from Cash and Carry for about half the price when buying the 33 lb bag of Hickory or Mesquite.
  9. I personally dont like them. In my pg500 they bur with a higher flame than most other pellets I have used and have caused a few flame ups into my auger when cooking over the direct flame. But if you don't have something where you are cooking over the flame that isn't an issue. So if you can get them locally and they are less than shipping something in I say go for it

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