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  1. jl508

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    I have a Nesco FD-80 and have had good results with the standard 4 trays. Has any one noticed any difference in time and quality adding extra trays.

    Also do the fruit roll sheets and clean a screens add to drying time. Making jerky and don't want a big mess.

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  2. sb59

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    I've used 6 trays for jerky,but can't tell you if drying time is any longer because every load is different due to the moisture content of that particular batch. Can tell you that I still don't have to rotate the trays for even drying, even with 6. Never used any screens because the plastic trays clean pretty easily.
  3. jl508

    jl508 Newbie

    Thanks Im deff going to get a couple more trays. I was suprised by the easy clean up.worked great.

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