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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by sparky30_06, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Have a poker party to head to this laste afternoon so I figured with guinea pigs playing, I mean friends playing cards, it would be a good time to try a fatty or 2. So went out and get some Bob Evans hot and regular sausage plus I have a few ppounds of ground elk sitting here and some ham steak. So figured I'd make one with just cheese and a second one with cheese, ham and mushrooms. I'm leaving around 4 so figured I's put them in the smoker around 1:30. Now I was just going to wrap them in foil or in a foil pan and toss them back in the oven to reheat them when I got there. is this a good idea or anyone have any better ones???
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    If you wrap them in foil, then crumple newspaper and surround them in a brown paper bag, you may find they are still plenty hot for your party. Just stick a temp probe thru the tinfoil in the middle just before your ready to eat and if its still 120 degrees or more, you'll be fine, if not, just reheat a bit in the oven:)

    Have fun!
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    You can also get a beer cooler and pour a kettle of boiling water in the cooler and shut the lid for about 10 minutes; dump out the water and put the foil wrapped fatty's in. Slam the lid down and DON"T OPEN IT until you are ready to serve.
    Redneck warming oven[​IMG]
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    Good one! Have to try that. Here's another....put a firebrick in the smoker. Then when its time to go, wrap the brick in foil (to keep stuff clean) and put it with your food. I move multiple chickens this way in a large lobster pot with just a bit of hot water around the brick. Although, a cooler would last much longer!!!
  5. moselle

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    Works a treat Smoken'steve!
    No spills or mess. Holds the heat for about 2 hours.
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    Great suggestion, Moselle.

    The transporting question is something that I've not figured out either. Thanks for starting the thread, Sparky!
  7. Just hope you don't get stopped. [​IMG][​IMG]
  8. If someones not there to eat em when they come off the smoker they still taste good cold.
  9. Have to agree with crock. Done a fatty yesterday (my first), brought some slices to work with me today. Just sat here and ate all three cold, still taste good [​IMG].
  10. Well with Illinois being such a PIA state and not really being able to unload that fatty for transportation I just wrapped it towels put it inside a locked cooler and stuffed behind the seat of the truck and drove nice as not to attract to much attention.

    LOL the fattys turned out fairly well for the first attempt. Took 3 1/2 hours to cook the darn things. Had the smoker at 240 and ended up turning it up to about 275 to 300 for the last hour to get the bacon to cook and get the inside up to 165. But got good reviews can't wait to modify them for next time. As for transporting I took a small 6 pack cooler and dumped a pot or darn near boiling water in it and shut the lid for about 15 mins. took the fattys wrapped them in tin foil then a towel and threw them in the cooler and they where plenty hot an hour later and about an hour and half late but thye still got ate, most of them hid some too.

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