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    Good day!  I live in the state of Washington and have been grilling for years.  I moved from my dependable Weber about 6 years ago and went with a Traeger.  I joined this forum to see if anyone else is having issues with their customer service.  It has been a nightmare and I have a huge family reunion this weekend with only my Texas Pro to cook on.  I just want to warn people before they buy that Traeger customer service is not what it used to be.  I would welcome recommendations for other pellet grills like the Traeger.  Thank you for your input!  Have a wonderful day!

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    Welcome, I am in Yakima and love seeing more smokers in this great state.

  3. juanita

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    Thank you, Chris!  What grill do you use?  I am really in the market for a new one!
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    Right now 3 different grills depending on how big the cook is. I am looking into either a WSM, or a USD build.
  5. eatmypork

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    I have used tregger and WSM 22.5 before.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with customer service.

    Hope you get it resolved soon.

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    I have a PelletPro and Very well built and great value. PID does a great job of maintaining temp.

    Before you jump ship on your Traeger, reach out to the group here - let us know what issues you are having. I'm sure someone here has had the same trouble and may be able to offer some advice
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  8. Juanita,

    Opening up a big can of worms. Here goes... I just purchased a REC TEC and love it to death. Plus they had zero percent financing for 24 months, but had a $ 120 or $ 130 fee to do that. In the interest of due diligence like I did, look at the Yoder Ys 480, Yoder ys640, Green Mountain Grills and Louisana Grills. All are great and I'm sure some of the other owners can speak up on them. My top picks are the Rec Tec 680 (which I have) or the Yoder 480 or 640. My 2 scents.

    What ever you do try and have fun with it.
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  9. Welcome to the site Juanita, its a good place to get first hand opinions when looking for a new cooker.  I don't own a pellet grill myself, but I came close to buying one a few years back.  I liked Memphis Grills products, they're still made in the states.  Good luck on your search, and good smokin'.
  10. kaustin13

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    Hubbs and I purchased a Green Mountain Grill, Jim Bowie version. Absolutely LOVE it!!! Had it for about a month now and have tried lots and lots of stuff, meats, corn, bread even pizza. Used to just bbq, we would burn through a bbq ever couple of years, finally decided to try the smoker. I will never go back to a regular bbq again. We know lots of people who have smokers of all different kinds, and from the ones I've seen and used I must say I prefer ours. Nice, well built and sturdy and does an amazing job with whatever we decide to throw on there. Haven't had a bad meal on it yet. Getting ready to attempt my first batch of jerky here in the next couple of days once I figure out the best recipe for it. And next up will be the rest of our fish from camping in May. Lots of people buy Traeger simply because of the name, worst case, if there is t anything super majorly wrong with it, you can sell it and get something else. But definitely good idea to do as much research and getting other opinions on what to buy next. That's my opinion anyways 😊
  11. [​IMG]   Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from another hot day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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