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  1. Anyone have trouble with huge temp swings in their Traeger?  I set the temp for 225, which to this point means fluctuations between 220-300.  It will spike and crash, but not spend the majority of the time at the magical 225 I am looking for.  Anyone have a mod if they have seen the same thing?  Thanks in advance for your reply's.
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    Hi David.

    I don't own a Traeger, but I'll give this a bump and maybe some Traeger owners will come by with some help.

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    I don't know how old your traeger is or what model you have but I have a Traeger Texas Grill that is about 1 year old and I often experience the same thing.  You can play with P settings which is usually set from the factory at P2.  You will usually have better temp control with less spikes at P1 or P0 if you are cooking at less than 300 degrees. The problem is the temp controller which is now made in China but used to be made by Ortech (which I heard is much more reliable that the chinese knock off).  

    I too love 225 degree cooking and could probably do 90% of my cooking on the traeger at that temp (other than I use smoke setting a lot).

    BTW, when you move your P setting lower it will raise your smoke temp...not a big deal to me as I haven't really seen it go much above 180. 

    I'm seriously looking at buying a Savannah Stoker II or a Blazn grill temp controller.  Savannah Stoker is often out of stock and is now trying to come out with version III at the end of the year.  You can get Blazn Grills temp controller (PID) for $219 plus shipping and those that I've talked to that have retrofitted the blazn grill have said it is dead on with only a few degrees in temp swings.  

    Hope this helps...
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