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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by falcon1, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. falcon1

    falcon1 Fire Starter

    Hi All Smokers...I just bought a traeger and wonder if anyone here has a traeger?

    I read an article about pellets burning back through auger into pellet hopper!!! Has any one have this problem???

     TYVM Tom 
  2. talan64

    talan64 Meat Mopper

    Howdy Falcon,

    I've been using a Traeger for 3 years.  I haven't had it burn all the way back to the hopper, but I've had it burn back far enough to smoke up through the hopper.  The only time I saw it, was after using a bag of pellets, that had a lot of extra dust in it, so I blamed myself for letting the dust get down into the auger, and giving it something to actually burn in there.

    Other than that, I've had VERY few issues with it.  I did replace the hot rod, this past winter after 3 summers of smoking with it. 

    I did get an Amazin dust smoker to set in it to add extra smoke, and to be able to use the chamber as a cold smoker.  They work great!

    Hope this answers your question...happy smokin'
  3. falcon1

    falcon1 Fire Starter

    TYVM..this is very helpful
  4. duanes

    duanes Smoke Blower SMF Premier Member

    Ditto on replacing the hot rod after 3 years (kept tripping GFCI circuit).

    I personally have never had the pellets burn back but some owners claim if you leave the lid open when turning it off, it minimizes the chance - although I can't personally attest to that claim.  I live dangerously and just close mine when done... [​IMG]

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