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  1. Anyone ever use a Traeger smoker? I had some ribs and pulled pork last weekend that were awesome. A friend of mine is buying a commercial appx. 1000 sq in model with a huge hopper on the front and he did a couple dozen racks of ribs as a fundraiser for our school that were all very, very good. He's paying $750.00 and says it's a good deal. Anyone had any experience with these? I found a small personal one with digital controls for $300.00 and am thinking about getting one.
  2. kurtsara

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    I have one and I think it turns out some excellent food
  3. flatbroke

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  4. The one he's buying is the older roll top model with a HUGE hopper / work surface in the front. He did some more ribs this weekend and they were awesome. He's got the rub down but I'm working with him on the sauce now. I told him to buy Jeff's recipes and we'd go from there. When I bought the recipes for myself I found out they were almost identical to mine! I guess great minds think alike ;-]} Well spent money for the best site on the web!!
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    Great deal!!!!!!!! Buy! Buy! Buy! [​IMG]
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    try bearmountain pellet's  their  better &half the price
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    You use Bear Mountain (Douglas Fir) pellets in a Traeger? I've never heard of Douglas Fir used to smoke meat before. How does it taste?
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    Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets are a "Blend" of Alder and Flavor Wood, not Douglas Fir


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