Traeger Or Yoder? Or what brand?

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  1. Went to a Home and Garden show tonight with the wife....They had a Traeger Salesman and several models..Nice pellet Grills/Smokers!  Should I look at other brands? Who in the forum has which and what do you like about it. I almost walked away with one but figured I would check it out here... Like the pellet stove idea! (Keep it under $4000!!)
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    I have a GMG Daniel Boone and have never regretted the purchase... I personally could not justify spending over $1500... I would buy it again in a heartbeat and it kicks out some great Q ! Just my 2 cents !! Hope it helps some....

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    Wife and I have a Yoder YS640 for over 2 years now, love it!
    - Price
    - Warranty
    - Gauge of steel (not sheet metal) used in construction of the cook chamber
    - Cooking area available
    - 150º to 600º+ temperature range

    If you are in the market for a pellet grill, the Yoder's are made to last a lifetime, not just 5 or 6 years...
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  4. oddball

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    I've been researching these as well.  I've pretty much decided on the Rec Tec.
  5. smokngun

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    I bought a Louisiana Grill in Feb and love it!! I looked at Traeger, Yoder, and Rec Tec. I went with the Louisiana based on a few personal things. Compared to the Traeger the price was the same, I was leaning toward a Yoder but couldn't justify the $600 price difference to the better half. The main deciding factor for me was the place of production (I know Louisiana's are not made in the USA but they are made in Canada) Traeger sent production over seas a few years back. Rec Tec grills are made in China but the controller is made in the US. Again just my personal preference. Hopefully this helps some.
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    I ordered a Treager at a home show, but cancelled my order as soon as I saw the Rec Tec. I asked them to give me the same package deal that I had on the Treager, and they did. If you want to stay in the same price range with better features, then I would highly recommend the Rec Tec.
  7. If your budget is 4000, start looking at the MAK and Memphis grills. No way to go wrong there. I have a Fast Eddy/cookshack pg500. Price was about 1600, does low and slow as good as any and can jump up to 600+ degrees at the grate without having to change anything but the temp to do a steak as good as anyone. Being able to grill well was just as important to me as low and slow since I was replacing my grill and smoker and the pg500 is great at both.

    Lots of good brands out there so really helps to figure out what you are going to use it for

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