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  1. I live in condos so i can't exactly afford to sit through the grill smoking up every time i turn it on. It's so frustrating. My last one blew out this way and just wouldn't work properly. Returned to costco. We bought an updated version and it gets too hot too quickly the thermostat is never the same as the temp i put it  on. on top of that when i set to smoke to get the pellets going the pellets burn immediately and i just end up with a big smoking mess no fire and clothes and neighbors who want to kill me. i usually turn it out take out the pellets and start over but now i just set it on high immediately. Seems to help but still a pain. And once it goes down under 200 it starts with the smoking up the whole area and i have to turn it off. Im not sure if these are with all the newer versions , if they are being cheaply manufactured now or what but I don't want to deal with this issue. id either buy the smaller older version in hopes that it will work as awesome as it did and lasted almost a good 2 years or more. But if I'm already having issues i had with the last one after a almost 2 years forget it. Im almost tempted to just give up on the traegar grill altogether and just get a regular small bbq since our association complainers etc only allow us for the smallest propane tanks and grills ever. But at this point its much easier to deal with than having to piss off my neighbors with all the damn smoke. Calling 1800 isn't helping so i just return to costco without one problem and get a new one but truthfully I'm ready to just get my money back and be done with it. 
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    How many have you tried?

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