Traditional Salmon Bake (great video clip)

Discussion in 'Fish' started by dirtsailor2003, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I grew up working in the charter fishing industry in Depoe Bay Oregon. Every year the community comes together and does several fund raising events sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Every September they do a salmon bake. I found this article with a great video of the process. Every year when I lived there I worked the fire line. We used to get the fire going around 5 am. Was the best job on a cool morning. All the splits, of alder used as well as all of the poles and cedar are cut locally by members of the community. The salmon are all locally caught from the commercial fishermen. Anyways make sure and click on the video link at the top of the page.

    This method can be done on a smaller scale. We have done a couple fillets over campfire using this method! Always a crowd pleaser!
  2. That's very cool!

    I had sardines in Spain on a Mediterranean beach that were made very similar to that, leaned toward the fire on sticks (espeto de sardinas).
    VERY simple, with a light smokiness that complimented the fish without overpowering it.
    They were excellent!!!!!

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    That looks like a great time.[​IMG]
  4. Perfect example of less is more. What the Indians cooked hundreds of years ago in the woods using only local woods can't be touched by any five star restaurant. I wonder how hot the air temp is right around the fish, I would guess about 300 - 350 deg.

    P.S. I don't know what this spoiler thing is or where it came from ?????
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    Having worked the fire line I can say that it is at least 300-350! Very simple and extremely good tasting!

    Those sardines look great too!
  6.   Really enjoyed the video . I 'v never seen fish done that way .  I 'v cooked a lot of fresh water fish on open fire as I've done a lot of camping -fishing . I think I'll  try smoking some now in a similar fashion .
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    We have done this multiple times at home and while camping. We just have to source our wood. Our primary wood we burn for heat is lodgepole pine, which isn't good for smoking. I try and get some alder and oak when we go over to the West side of Oregon.

    For smaller fish like trout you can fillet (salmon can be done that way too) so the two fillets stay together via the skin along the back bone. For small fish this method makes for a more manageable size for putting in the splits.

    May have to try Crappie this way too, maybe just gutted and cooked with the skin on, options!

    Last night I was thinking why not try a steak this way, may have to give it a try next time we camp out!

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