Traditional Chaudin Recipe?

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  1. Hoping maybe someone here has a recipe for Chaudin (Also known as ponce, paunche or gog) aka Cajun Haggis. Not how to cook 'em, but the rather the stuffing itself. Have found a few variations, but as the supply of casings I have coming up is limited and perishable, I would rather try "grand-mere's recipe"  than start from scratch.


    Lache pas la potat
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    The only ponce I ever tried tasted like bile. I'm guessing they did something wrong.
  3. Some of them chaudin use a lot of organ meat... kidneys and such. Mais I don't mind a little liver but the dog gets the rest.

    I'm thinking something along the lines of an andouille, finer ground with maybe a little sweet patat and green onions with a bit of nonfat for a binder? Gonna smoke one and braise one so we will see.

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