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  1. New to this so hope im going about it right.. I live in nw ia have a brinkmann gourmet electric smoker got a hormel butt covered it with store bought rub refrigerated overnight put it in the smoker the next day at 225 degrees with apple chips let it get to bout 180 was told to do this and it would fall apart NOT THE CASE!!! Can someone tell me what I did wrong or is their such a thing as just a tough butt
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    Cook to a IT of 200-205 for pulling.

    180 IT is for slicing.
  3. Welcome to the fourm. When I smoke pork butt , I try to keep cook chamber temps between 250º -300º . I don't worry about times I just try for 200º-205º IT. When it hits that temp wrap it in foil and a towel and let it rest for atleast one hour. That should pull just fine. Temps of 180º should slice nicely.
  4. Ok thanks for the help

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