Total disappointment.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by krash5100, May 24, 2014.

  1. krash5100

    krash5100 Newbie

    I bought an MES 40" and it's total junk.
    Once it gets to the set temperature is starts falling and once the element comes back on it never shuts off. The display temperature shows below the set temp and just keeps falling.
    Contacted them and got a replacement control unit. No change!! Thermometer in the vent shows it's way higher than set temperature. I'm currently " broiling " a brisket.
    I cannot believe anyone would sell such a useless product.

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  2. waterinholebrew

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    Sorry about your struggles there ! There's a bunch of folks on here that use them MES's, I'am sure there will be some by to give ya some advise ! I personally don't own one so not much help to ya !
  3. john kelly

    john kelly Fire Starter

    i went propane for just that reason its less likely to break down on you bad thing propane is high if you smoke allot.  i spend about 60-80 bucks a year and i smoke a bout once a month maybe twice here and there
  4. krash5100

    krash5100 Newbie

    I was able to fight with it and ended up with an awesome brisket. I'm not giving up on this thing yet. I'll figure out some way to make it work right. I just need to find what detects the internal temp. That has to be the problem.

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  5. jckdanls 07

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    I believe the thermocouple is in the upper left hand corner on the back wall ... the thing about the MES's is that the temp readout is NEVER what the actual temp really is.. most people use a backup thermometer (usually a maverick 732 or the likes) to read the true cabinet temp at grate level ... you will have to go by average temp as that;s the way the thermostat works... (10` over set temp and then 10` under set temp as the heating element cycles)
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  6. Don't have a MES, but lots do and love them. Seems like whatever you buy today takes some wrangling to get it to work right. Hang in there you'll get some help to get it working. Ernie
  7. krash5100

    krash5100 Newbie

    I used a long thermometer that I use for frying turkey's stuck inside the vent this time. I was able to keep the temp right around 250 where I wanted it.
    I think I've narrowed the problem to the heating element. I'll replace that next. Kind of a shame since I've only had this thing since February and have only used it 5 or 6 times. This was my first brisket in it.
    I'm confident I'll get this figured out but I'm still disappointed that someone would sell something that has this many problems.
    Thanks to all for the comments and advice.

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  8. daveomak

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    It's not the heating element.... It's the controller...... If you hook up a PID directly to the element, and bypass the controller, you will have a great smoker....

    And the mods to the heating element..... My controller still does it's job.... so I haven't moved to a PID yet.... Now my smoker works AWESOME after $150..... beats throwing out a $200 smoker and starting over...

  9. I have an MES too. Glad your brisket turned out good man - & like Dave said it's not your heating element that's causing your grief...
  10. krash5100

    krash5100 Newbie

    The element was bad. That's why it didn't over heat too much Saturday. I replaced it and now I have to set the temp at about 195 to keep it at 250. Otherwise it goes over 300.

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