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    Last saturday we worked on tostacos. Not quite tacos but not tostadas. Started out with a brisket. I cut in half and smoked the flat only.

    Seasoned only with lawrys seasoned salt and webers Chicago steak.

    Made sure I had plenty of refreshments for this cook.

    I let the wsm run at what ever temp it wanted. Foiled pan all vents open. It was between 300-325.

    When it hit 160 I wrapped tightly and let it ride until 195. Checked for tenderness and was there yet. It was perfect @ 213. All the liquid was from the flat. The fat cap must of melted away.

    I had a slice and it was delicious. I almost wanted to backout of making the tostacos. No lie one of the best piece of brisket I had.

    The brisket was not cut against the grain.

    Then it was hand shredded.

    Then we made a sauce. Just California chiles brought a quick boil and added salt. Of to the blender they go. This will be used to slightly fry the small tortillas.

    Tortillas were dipped in the sauce and the CI had a little oil.

    They are slightly friend but not soft.

    Here they are served and topped with lettuce,queso cotija,red spicy sauce.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Tony and Maribel
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    That looks like my kind of grub!  Great job!
  3. That looks fantastic [​IMG]  

    ps-I love the beer fridge. I keep mine stocked with the same flavors [​IMG]
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    Jesus wept

    Its 11 pm and I'm sitting here drooling on my keyboard.  Have you no pity

  5. tonybel

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    Thanks for your kind words everyone.
    Sorry Gary.

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